TABLE FOR 2 - Fleisherei Bistro


The moment you walk into the Bistro, a breath of fresh air combined with the delicious fragrances from our kitchen will welcome you into our hidden gem. Your friendly waiter will be on your left-hand side ready to escort you to your table.

Okay, so we all expect the best service when entering a restaurant, right? We expect to be treated like kings and queens, food to be ready within seconds of ordering, and drinks should instantly appear on your table. Well, snap!

At Fleisherei Bistro, we do not believe in making narcissistic promises, or creating unrealistic expectations. There are more than enough empty promises and fake words out there and the Bistro refuses to be part of that fabricated reality. What we do believe in is giving our best, we believe in family time, in romantic moments, in children’s laughs, and smiles on everyone’s faces. We believe that our waiters will offer you only their best and do everything in their power to ensure you have a fantastic “Real” experience.

Your waiter is a trained and skilled restaurant ninja with vast knowledge of customer service, fine dining, food pairing, and refreshments. Their communication skills paired with their knowledge results in fast, effective and friendly service. Feel free to ask them for suggestions or about our specialities, you might just discover a new favourite. You can truly kick back, relax and focus on the moment as your waiter will take great care of you.

One thing people forget is that waiters are people too. They sometimes do slip up, but don’t we all sometimes? Should this happen we will always be the first to acknowledge a mistake and happily rectify it if you bring it to our attention. Our main priority will always be your satisfaction. If we see you’re in a bad mood, we will rather try make your day better with a friendly smile than walking circles around you. We are people serving people and deeply care about our customers.

Every waiter has a dream, and you are part of that journey, therefore Fleisherei Bistro’s waiters are there to be your best friend, every time you visit us.

We invite you to come and experience our waiters for yourself.