May we take your order? - Fleisherei Bistro

May we take your order?

I think we all can agree the best book to read is a menu! We mean, there’s pictures, words and you can eat the story you’ve read! #Bonus


Reading a menu with a rumbling tummy can get your heart racing as you argue with yourself about if you want comforting treats or something healthy? Perhaps something friendlier on the budget, or if you should get that delicious chocolate cake for desert? While you are internally struggling with these very difficult questions a waiter makes his appearance next to your table! May I take your order?


With our delicious Fleisherei Bistro menu, you can start your day with a selection of refreshing breakfasts or indulge in our wide range of lunch or dinner specialties. All our dishes are focused on creating excitement in your mouth and satisfying all the senses.


Our breakfast range vary from traditional South African breakfasts all the way to flapjacks and eggs benedict. If you are not that big of a morning person we’ve got you covered with our signature gourmet burgers and sizzling grills! The entire menu caters for anyone, whether you want something small to nibble on straight through to those who feel like they could devour a horse.


Our menu is perfect for any occasion, birthday parties, light lunches or dinner dates. Our kiddie’s menu caters for all food preferences, from healthy fruit snacks to something homemade and delicious. The dessert menu is simply to die for, rich, creamy, nutty and best of all chocolate! To top it off we even have a wine pairing menu to show you which wine will perfectly compliment your meal.


If our menus are books then our Chefs are most certainly the writers. Our chefs are highly skilled and trained and always up for new challenges. We openly welcome all dietary preferences to the Bistro and will happily tweak our story a bit to fit your pallet. Should you have any questions about items on our menu, such as vegan options, gluten free or allergies, please feel free to call on our staff for assistance.


Let your next dining fairy tale start at Fleisherei Bistro.