Behind The Steams - Fleisherei Bistro

Behind The Steams


The idea of our Bistro sparked to life in 2017. One thing we quickly learned was that opening a restaurant is definitely no easy feat. However with our super dedicated and competent team we managed to transform a once empty space into a heaven for family dinners and casual get togethers. An environment for lovely conversations, business banter and delicious meals was born. Fast forward 1 month of construction, state of the art kitchen fittings and all the legal things sorted, we opened Fleisherei Bistro’s doors to the public.


With a sparkling new restaurant we were eager to receive our first customers.  Everything was in place. With pots cooking, grills sizzling and coffee machines steaming our first customers stepped into our hidden gem. The facial expressions told us all we needed to know. It was at that moment we knew that we have succeeded in bringing casual, contemporary dining to Centurion. Our delicious and diverse menu caters for early birds to evening loungers. Choose to start your day with a refreshing breakfast or indulge later on in our lunch or dinner specialities. All our dishes are focused on exciting, modern day cuisine that will satisfy all the senses and feed the soul.


All our meals are traditionally prepared and feature high quality fresh ingredients. Paired with innovative new preparation methods, produced by a committed and experienced culinary brigade, magic is bound to happen. Our team is fully dedicated to providing a delicious, contemporary dining experience that will leave anyone craving more.


We invite you to come and experience… the Bistro experience.